African Gold Refinery, continually strives for producing the highest grade precious metals in the world. During the second quarter of 2018, a Flameless Tunnel Furnace has been set-up for the maximum production of gold & silver kilobars as well as varieties of minted bars. One of our objectives is to increase well-trained Ugandan labour force and bring the most up-to-date technology in the country. This USD: 300,000 (Three Hundred Thousand USD) investment is safer for both our employees and the environment.

Mr. Alain Goetz (AGR CEO) & Mr. Alphonse Katarebe (AGR VP) attended the Presidential Investors’ Round Table (PIRT) that took place at the State House, Entebbe on 6th - 7th Dec 2017

Uganda`s economy will grow sustainably– President Museveni

African Gold Refinery (AGR) is releasing this official statement in light of recent, libelous statements made against our company by certain media outlets in Uganda and published internationally. A number of criminally false allegations have been published without any attempt to contact AGR for information or clarification.

Based on our thorough analysis, we have concluded that there are certain Ugandan individuals who are providing journalists with deliberately malicious falsehoods in order to discredit AGR. Moreover, it appears that they are apparently using government employees to access sensitive commercial information about AGR in order to threaten potential investors and deliberately damage the reputation of AGR. Through multiple source accounts and sworn statements we understand that the individual behind this malicious campaign is the Uganda tycoon Barnabas Taremwa who harbors a fantasy of owning AGR and was recently in highly spurious litigation with AGR. We can provide evidence to support this assertion

Firstly, we refer to the article published by “allAfrica” on 13th November 2017 on their website which stated that AGR refused to register with the Financial Intelligence Authority (FIA) and disclose our company’s operations. That the editor of such a publication could be seemingly pressured into publishing such an erroneous piece is deeply unfortunate and questions the very credibility of the media outlet and its journalistic independence. In fact, the FIA wrote to AGR concerning our "Obligations under the Anti-Money Laundering Act and Regulations”. We took the FIA’s request for information very seriously and their queries were comprehensively answered in letter from us which was directly delivered to the FIA office in Rwenzori Towers, Kampala on 8th November 2017. Attached herein FIA Letter Financial Intelligence Authority

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Moreover, and with regard to the allAfrica article, AGR would like to reiterate that Mr. Barnabas Taremwa and Mr. Richard Kaijuka, whilst previously having been employees of AGR, currently they have no formal connections with our company. Therefore, we would like to stress that any of their statements and assertions are their own personal perceptions and views and have nothing to do with AGR and do not reflect the company’s position in any way.

Although AGR is a new venture, AGR regulates its business activities and operates legitimately in accordance with local and international laws which are implemented at every level of our workplace. AGR has zero tolerance towards those who do not abide with our corporate ethics, whether committed by top management, employees at any other level, business partners, clients or customers. A major example of this is the Board of Director’s decision to terminate Mr. Richard Kaijuka tenure as Board Chairman of AGR.

Despite this, we would very much like to point out the local beneficiation that AGR is bringing to Uganda and its people:

• To date 1.8 billion Ugandan shillings in taxes have been paid by AGR to the Uganda Revenue Authority

• Direct employment of more about 100 Ugandan staff at all levels of the business

• The vital transfer of skills and technology to local engineers and technicians

• The major foreign direct investment of more than 15 million dollars

• The consistency and expansion of a major Corporate Social Responsibility Program (Social impact)

• According to data of the National Bank of Uganda, AGR added more than 200 million dollars of exports to the Ugandan trade balance during the first year of operation.

In summary, AGR stands firm against any malicious information campaign launched to undermine our company and the great work which we are proud to be doing in Uganda and we reserve the right to take formal legal action in Uganda or elsewhere against any publication or entity that reproduces these falsehoods.

The Annual Mineral Wealth Conference is Organised by Uganda Chamber of Mines & Petroleum was held on October 4 & 5,2017 at Kampala Serena Hotel.

The event featured several agendas namely Mineral Potential of Uganda and the region Building enabling policies, legal & regulatory frameworks Taxation, Finance & Insurance Strategies for value addition including development minerals , Land access framework, Sustainable mining, investment and partnership among others.

In the conference, VP Alphonse Katarabe was present as well to show support to all 1000 Sector Stakeholders in Mining including local and international mining companies, Government officials, development partners, financial institutions, insurers, academia, logisticians, lawyers, energy companies and construction companies among others.

AGR is a proud member of the 6th annual Mineral Wealth Conference (MWC2017) that is scheduled for October 4th and 5th, 2017.

Hosted by the Uganda Chamber of Mines and Petroleum (UCMP) in partnership with the Ministry of Energy & Mineral Development,the evert will be held under the theme “Minerals – Knocking on the door to cause economic transformation in Uganda.”

We believe that this is the perfect time for Uganda to start earning revenues from its natural resources.

Local players in the gold sector have thrown their weight on a recent report by the United Nations which accused major airlines operating within the East African region, Africa, Middle East and Europe for aiding the smuggling of gold and other minerals.

The report published on August 13 by UN Group of Experts discovered that airlines were acting with complacency in tackling the smuggling of minerals.

It indicated that airline officials connived with passengers to check in a sizeable number of gold as hand luggage.

Furthermore, it stated that it was common practice for smugglers to purchase additional “empty seats” in order to maximise the amount of gold smuggled on a single trip.

“Airlines play an important role in enabling the transport of unwrought gold,” read the report.

Read the full article here.

Each day, more than $18.6 billion of goods travel by air, a third of world trade by value, according to the International Air Transport Association (Iata).

A new United Nations report, however, points out that one of the goods is smuggled gold bars out of DR Congo. The report added that some of these metal bars are flown out from Entebbe airport.

“Airlines play an important role in enabling the transport of unwrought gold from DR Congo to Dubai. For example, four people involved in the gold sector told the UN group of experts that it was common practice for smugglers to purchase additional, empty seats in order to maximise the amount of gold smuggled on one single trip,” notes the report, released less than two weeks ago.

A UN report notes that gold smugglers bribe state agents at Entebbe

Ethiopian Airlines and Kenya Airways are the main airlines plying the Lubumbashi and Dubai routes. Ethiopian Airlines told the UN experts it had not put in place measures to check transported gold and to authenticate the identity of its carriers.

Continue reading the full article here.

"Airlines play an important role in enabling the transport of unwrought gold."


Airlines have been found to be complacent in tackling the smuggling of minerals, according to a report published by the United Nations this month.

The report particularly picked out airlines flying between Africa, the Middle East and Europe as some of the biggest facilitators of mineral smuggling.

"Airlines play an important role in enabling the transport of unwrought gold," says the report.

Thed findings show that a sizeable number of gold smuggled is checked in as hand luggage, likely with the connivance of airline officials.

The report was compiled by a panel of experts that interviews many players in the gold sector.

Read the full article on New Vision here.

The release of is warmly welcomed by AGR as an extremely well researched, balanced and timely report into the long standing issues concerning the Great lakes Region particularly with regard to conflict, instability and the trafficking of natural resources.

The UN Group of Experts noted that AGR representatives met and corresponded with them on several occasions to answer detailed questions about their operations and the refinery which AGR opened in Entebbe in 2017. AGR remains in contact with the Group and hopes to maintain an open dialogue with it with regards our future plans for the refinery and major reforms for gold the sector. We are fully committed to supply chain transparency and support all efforts by the UN and the international community to establish practical and workable solutions to current vulnerabilities.

We take note that the UN Group concluded, “that AGR could contribute to a cleaner gold trade in Uganda.” This is certainly the firmly held view of AGR and the Government of Uganda and we shall be working with all interested parties to ensure this happens.

AGR also takes note of the very serious issues raised by the Panel with respect to the issue of the trafficking of hand held gold on international airlines. Not only does this deprive countries of much needed tax revenue it also presents clear safety and security issues. AGR has been spearheading a campaign to encourage airlines and industry associations to ban this practice and we continue to urge civil society groups and governments to use their considerable influence to achieve this much needed objective.

Clearly governments, industry and civil society groups need to continue to work constructively together to produce practical, cost-effective and credible systems for monitoring the flow of gold in the region. For over a decade a variety of proposals and schemes have been presented and formulated to bring increased transparency and accountability to the region’s natural resource flows. Many of these proposals, however well intentioned, have failed because they were either impracticable or unenforceable. It is AGR’s firm belief that elements of some of these proposals can be achieved but this must be done in cooperation with credible organisations and with adequate support from the international community. We wish to reiterate our desire to assist with mapping, traceability and regional certification as a matter of urgency.

AGR wishes to extend its deepest condolences to the UN Group of Experts for the loss of its two courageous members, Zaida Catalan and Michael Sharp, in Kasai Province, DRC, in April this year.

Read the full article here.

"The members of the Group of Experts established pursuant to Security Council resolution 2293 (2016) have the honour to transmit herewith, in accordance with paragraph 5 of Security Council resolution 2360 (2017), the final report on their work on the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  The report was provided to the Security Council Committee established pursuant to resolution 1533 (2004) on 30 June 2016 and was considered by the Committee on 21 July 2016."

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The Intergovernmental Forum on Mining, Metals, Minerals and Sustainable Development (IGF) welcomes the successful adoption of the Minamata Convention on Mercury, which will enter into force on August 16, 2017.“The Convention is a crucially important global treaty aimed at protecting human health and the environment from the adverse effects of mercury use,” said Matthew Bliss, IGF Deputy Director, Programs.

“We are very pleased to report that 51 of IGF’s 60 member states have already signed or ratified the Minamata Convention.”

Mercury use remains widespread in the mining sector, particularly among informal artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM) operations. It remains cheap and easy to use, two very important considerations for miners who often struggle to support themselves and their families. Unfortunately, mercury is not always used and disposed of in a safe and secure way. Artisanal and small-scale mining is the source of the largest releases of mercury, which was estimated at 1,400 tonnes per year in 2011 according to the Minamata Convention.

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“For the first time the country registered an increase in exports just on account of that one unit,” said Richard Kaijuka, Chairman of African Gold Refinery, in April in the capital Kampala. “It’s certainly a game-changer for the region. The outlook is looking good – without doubt.”

“The beauty about it is if this smuggling can stop, we are able to export. This unit alone can process $1 billion per annum,” Kaijuka said.

Read the full article on Forbes Africa here.


On July 5 and 6, experts from Africa's Great Lakes region convened a regional expert meeting in Nairobi, Kenya. AGR was glad to take part in these consultations and was represented by our CEO, Alain Goetz.

For more information, please click here (website of the UN-Office of the Special Envoy for the Great Lakes).

image2 CEEC

African Gold Refinery was delighted to attend the official launch of the Traceability Initiative for Artisanal Gold (or "Initiative de Tracabilité de l'Or d'exploitation Artisanale (ITOA)") developed by the Center of Expertise, Evaluation and Certification (CEEC) in DRC on the 20th of June 2017.

image3 - CEEC


African Gold Refinery CEO Alain Goetz is delighted to be addressing the 11th OECD Forum on Responsible Supply Chains. As CEO of a recently opened, state-of-the-art gold refinery in Uganda, Mr Goetz is calling on a grand coalition of interested parties to embark upon a global campaign to end gold dore trafficking in airline hand luggage. He intends to this by working with all aspects of the international air travel business – from regional and international airlines to aviation insurers.

Read the full speech here: Speech Alain Goetz

African Gold Refinery CEO Alain Goetz is delighted to be addressing the 11th OECD Forum on Responsible Supply Chains. As CEO of a recently opened, state-of-the-art gold refinery in Uganda, Mr Goetz is calling on a grand coalition of interested parties to embark upon a global campaign to end gold dore trafficking in airline hand luggage. He intends to this by working with all aspects of the international air travel business – from regional and international airlines to aviation insurers.

Read more here: AGR - OECD Conference - May 2017

Increased earnings from certain commodity exports have helped Uganda to record a surplus on its balance of payments of $222 million (Shs790b) during the quarter ended February 2017.

This, according to the Central Bank, boosted the country's foreign exchange reserves by a considerable margin.

The executive director of research at BoU, Dr Adam Mugume, said last week: "There were increased earnings in coffee and gold exports that contributed to surplus in Uganda's balance of payment."

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Uganda's gold exports have continued to baffle many. As at the end of 2016 the exports rose to $336m (Shs1.2 trillion), rivaling coffee and the sole reason Uganda's exports rose 1 per cent. This is the closest any single export has come close to coffee in many years.

One of the reasons for the rise in gold exports is because of the value being added to the gold by the African Gold Refinery, a privately owned refinery that was launched by President Museveni on Monday.

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President Yoweri Museveni has commissioned African Gold Refinery (AGR), the first gold refinery to be established in Sub Saharan Africa. The USD 20 million facility located in Entebbe will be processing as well as exporting gold and silver from the East African region.

While presiding over at the commissioning ceremony held at the refinery premises in Entebbe, President Museveni hailed AGR for investing in value addition and creating employment opportunities for Ugandans.

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President Yoweri Museveni has strongly warned government officials against frustrating investors adding that whoever does so will be dealt with harshly.

"Anybody who delays manufacturers, processors and investors, we are going to be very harsh on him or her," he said.

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The country is putting in place measures to block the entry of illicit gold by signing up to regional agreements that try to clamp down on the vice. As an emerging mineral resource market, sub-Saharan Africa has only had one major gold refinery of AGR’s capacity, located in South Africa.

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Owing to the Uganda’s peace stability and recognized thriving mineral industry contribute to the growing economy and its strategic location in the Great Lakes Region, the African Gold Refinery Limited (AGR) was established as a Ugandan based company, the state-of-the-art high capacity gold refinery in the region, set-up by Mr. Alain Goetz.

With Uganda’s nods-up for the official launch slated for 20th February 2017 by H.E. YOWERI KAGUTA MUSEVENI. It’s with great optimism that the gold refinery shall boost the foreign earnings of the country, revenues, job creations, transferring of skills and bringing-in new technologies.

Feasibility study have shown Africa as an emerging mineral resource market, has only one refinery in South Africa and AGR being the second in Sub-Saharan Africa that is focused in gold processing with the ability to refine raw gold to pure gold of (99.99%) and the establishment of the Geochemical Laboratory for assaying all mineral samples in the African continent, will be a Historic Landmark in the history of the Great Lakes Region and  Africa as a whole in the creation of value addition in the mineral sector.

We are pleased to announce that the Official Inauguration of African Gold Refinery - Uganda (AGR) will take place on 20th Feb 2017. AGR will be launched by H.E. Yoweri K. Museveni (President of The Republic of Uganda). The inauguration ceremony will be attended by Ministers and Journalists from national & international press.

If you would like to participate, kindly send us the following details to before 17th Feb 2017 so we can prepare your entry pass.

Full name:
Email address:
Phone Number:

Occupation: Kindly note that the entry to the ceremony is only after approval. The confirmation email with the program details will be sent to you on 18th Feb 2017.

We hope to welcome you on the inauguration ceremony.


Dubai, Tuesday 15 November,

The CEEC (Center of Expertise, Evaluation and Certification of precious and semi-precious mineral substances) signed a cooperation agreement at the Kimberley Process (KP) conference in the Great City of Dubai with the African Gold Refinery LTD (AGR).

AGR and CEEC committed themselves to work together on an improved traceability framework on Gold and other precious metals to combat fraud in the mineral sector in the DRC and in the region.

The purpose of this agreement is to create a responsible and sustainable supply chain for gold coming from the DR Congo and to set up a regulation mechanism in Uganda for rights and taxes that were avoided from the CEEC.

Today, AGR is the only privately held company in Africa who maps and combats fraud and trafficking of gold, and offers solutions (and in the future will keep proactively looking for solutions) in order to close tax leakages in the system.

For the last 10 years several International Organizations and NGOs have fought against fraud mining by using a technique of ‘name and shame’. Unfortunately all their efforts could not stop this traffic and no alternatives were provided to the official market players.

AGR is very happy to join the efforts of CEEC and both are committed to work further with International Community to exchange know-how and information to improve the exiting framework in the very near future. The aim of these efforts must improve significantly the situation of the small-scale mining community and of the rural population.

As a first step, the CEEC and AGR will actively outline and lay down a policy in order to succeed in offering sustainable solutions and to help building a responsible supply chain of gold in the Great Lake Region of Africa.

AGR says it would like to see a major change by adding value by processing and refining the metals in the country. The refinery has capacity of producing 200 Kg per day in a double shift.

The firm has gone ahead to set up a Geo-Chemical laboratory that will serve the local and regional gold mining industry with certified analysis of soil samples.

Currently, the region needs to ship soil samples by air at a very high cost. Soon this analysis can be carried out by locally trained certified Ugandan AGR Assayers in Entebbe.

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Value addition is currently being done by AGR in Uganda.


The Mineral Wealth Conference (MWC) is one of East Africa’s prevalent principal mining events in the region. It plays a critical role in creating opportunities for Uganda’s domestic and international mining interests. It has become one of the most eagerly awaited events in Uganda and East Africa’s mining calendar.

The objective is to provide an opportunity for major exploration/ mining companies to build joint venture partnerships with local players within Uganda’s mining sector. MWC plays a critical role in creating communication and investment opportunities for Uganda’s domestic and international mining interests. It brings together decision makers, business leaders, financial institutions, persons from academia and mining investors from all over the world.

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East African Country's First Gold Refinery to Open in Uganda.

On the 22nd of September African Gold Refinery Uganda (AGR) initiative was welcomed by Reuters Press. The article was quickly spread by different news agencies all over the world. Tony Goetz NV would like to congratulate African Gold Refinery Uganda (AGR) for their successful start-up.

The role of Tony Goetz NV is providing technical support to AGR as well as training and sharing 30 years of experience in gold-assaying, melting and refining. Tony Goetz NV would like to emphasize that the company has no participation whatsoever in the capital of AGR.

The main promoter of AGR Uganda is Mr. Alain Goetz. The AGR participation is strictly done in his personal name.

More info at:

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The Delegates of the Ministry Of Energy and Minerals Development were welcomed by African Gold Refinery. The team from the ministry that was led by the Permanent Secretary Kabagambe Kaliisa and the Head of Petroleum Authority, Ernest Rubondo. They were impressed by the investment made which is in line with the Minerals Policy Objective of value addition to mineral ores and increase in mineral trade.

AGR Hailed

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