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Hedging is the process of playing both sides of a market to provide protection against the market fluctuations.

Bullion Hedging also known as offset hedge is designed to remove the basis price risk of the physical operation by offsetting it with an equal and opposite sale or purchase of a futures contract on the Exchange. Any risk of price volatility that arises from the physical transaction is thereby eliminated.

An offset hedge is a financial operation in which the hedger (the company hedging) maintains a ‘balanced book’ with each physical transaction being offset by a transaction. In this example both parties to the physical transaction to hedge; this will depend entirely on their organization’s internal practices and approach to risk management.

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Financial Trading

We provide:
  • Spot trading in any currency
  • Margin trading facilities
  • Location swaps (multiple)
  • Hedging structures
  • Ability to price and make payments in foreign currencies
  • Finance
AGR helps you to find the best solution for financing:
  • Small-scale mining;
  • Artisanal miners;
  • Medium and Large industrial scale mining;
  • Trade finance for gold transactions.