AGR supports new classroom building to provide additional innovative learning space for unprivileged pupils of Entebbe Children Welfare School.

In the spirit of spreading cheer and giving back to the community, AGR CEO Alain Goetz reaches out to the community, particularly the underprivileged children.

In order to contribute to the welfare of the local community, AGR started a Social Responsibility Programme by supporting the Entebbe Children Welfare School in 2015. The school was established in 2013 and aims to educate and provide support to children with special needs.

As part of this project, AGR gives financial aid and is extending help for the continuous welfare of the school to build additional infrastructure such as rooms, dormitories and other facilities.


Foodstep Uganda is a non-profit organisation and was founded by Nathalie and Werner Steurbaut in 2006. Foodstep takes care of children locked up in Kampiringisa, a rehabilitation centre for juvenile delinquents, teenagers dumped by their family and street children. Foodstep supports these children by providing them with food, basic medical care, teaching, clothing, love and entertainment. As part of the AGR’s CSR Programme, we provide financial aid to Foodstep to help give these children a better future that starts today.

Visit the website of Foodstep Uganda for more information:

8th July, 2017 - During the visits at FoodStep Uganda and Entebbe Children Welfare School, it is our desire to comfort them and make them feel special in every possible way...




During the visits at FoodStep Uganda and Entebbe Children Welfrare School, it is our desire to make them feel special in any possible way..